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Admin Rules (Disciplinary) - lkt3pto{a.k.a Love k.T} - 01-06-2017

Rules to be followed strictly as an Admin/Super-Admin Or even as an VIP.

(Disciplinary rules , Failed to do so! It will result in revoking of rights with no-refund.)

1. Hacking of any kind walling/speed/aim etc ,will definitely result in revoking of rights irrespective of the time/duration/date of purchase of admin/super-admin/vip , even it's on the very day of misconduct(hack).

2. If asked for Demo by any Lamda Staff :- Owners/Core members or even by fellow admin, one is bound to provide that very demo by any mean in a maximum limit of 1 day duration. If failed to do so, again it will result in revoking of rights till that respective demo been uploaded on forum.

3. Admin Abuse of any kind will also can result in revoking of rights to certain amount of period to permanent if situation calls for it , which will be concluded as per evidence provided as an demo by Owners only.

4. Super-admin(which comes with immunity) :- Which can also be revoked(immunity only) temporarily , if that particular super-admin got reported at any time. It will be added back if the claim gets dismissed.

5. Owners & Core members can ban any Super-admin/Admin/VIP at any interval of time if caught cheating or guilty of doing any misconduct.(Proof of cheating/misconduct will be provided to guilty party as an demo or screenshots.)

6. All CONVENTIONAL RULES mentioned in following thread also needed to be obeyed to avoid any kind of temporary or permanent invalidation of privileges.

7. Slay/Ban/Kick Players without correct Reasons get reduced or removed in Access.

8: Restart Round in Server via cvars is forbidden for Admins.

Thank you

RE: Admin Rules (Disciplinary) - red - 01-06-2017

[Image: dz82zuJ.gif]

RE: Admin Rules (Disciplinary) - lkt3pto{a.k.a Love k.T} - 01-06-2017

(01-06-2017, 05:47 PM)red Wrote: [Image: dz82zuJ.gif]

Lol , though unspoken rules looks good in writing aren't they!! Big Grin

So, thanks  Wink

RE: Admin Rules (Disciplinary) - Anub!s_sk - 05-29-2017