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bugs - [F]z^ | The Force Awakens - 08-21-2016

hey cores there are so many bugs in main d2 sv! wth! the points system it appears 2 times the same thing appears same time and in middle of the round there was a round draw and everyone got kicked! all players! and wen connect after few secs it kicks again telling reliable channel overflowed and remove this amxx autokick always players get kicked and have to reconnect.. and wen we ban the green text doesnt even withstand for 1sec same problem with white text of admin and also 1 thing creep just bans players like that i just saw without even specing 1 round he bans... sm1 tells he is hacking then he bans without specing idk if he is something pro admin of lamda.. look into this matter
mango bro for u,bugs fix it Big Grin