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Full Version: Knife Only Server Rules for ALL
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1: Behind Kills are forbidden ->> first time Slay / again = Ban 30-60 minutes.
2: When possible with less Players play 1v1 ! ---> ignore Rule = Slay or ban for 60 minutes.
3: Antiban / Antishield are forbidden -> Addban in IP
4: Duck-Bhop fast = forbidden -> Ban 3 Hours maximal
5: Autobhop forbidden = Ban 3 hours maximal
6: Knife Aim Scripts forbidden = Ban permanent
7: Sharing SteamID, Nickname that another one can use Registered/VIP/ADMIN Accounts forbidden, Abuse = Remove, no refunds
8: Votemap for Admins only allowed last 5 Minutes, Abuse = Remove Votemap Access.
9: Free Slays/Kicks/Bans are forbidden, Abuse = Remove Adminrights.
10: Camping, Block Players are not wished, Admins can use slayrights or grab for this.
11: It is strictly forbidden to use any map bugs or glitches.
12: It is forbidden to grab yourself to get speed or other advantages.
13: Votemap allowed only last 5-7 Minutes.[/color]
14: Model Abuse (Consol Command : Model 'name.mdl') it Forbidden

More Rules will follow.

Allowed Rules:

1: Go in 2v1 or more is allowed.
2: Backstab it allowed.