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Admin Request - fuzy - 12-26-2019

Applying for________________________________________Admin
Ingame Name:_____________________________________hold my beer, i can do this
NON STEAM or STEAM ID:_____________________________STEAM_0:0:445052519
GameME link:_______________________________________
Level of English:_____________________________________I speak English and French very very well
Your age:__________________________________________25
Amx experience_____________________________________I'm scripting amxx and pawno, so trust me, i have much more experience than you can imagine and than is needed as a low level admin that has not even acces to cvar (flag "g")
Ever been banned or warned___________________________NO
Have you paid for any privilages________________________NO
Average online time P/Day____________________________depends on my work, but yeah, at least 2 hours per day, depends on how much beer i drink after work HAHA (i work in restaurant as waiter so it's kinda difficult to know beetween which hours i can play)
Contact Details (Skype/Discord/Steam/TS)________________ , i can give my facebook profile in private as fast contact if needed, using teamspeak 3 as well
Your C.S 1.6 Experience_______________________________ 15 years of 1.6 on Steam, i played before 2004 cs 1.5 and half-life on non-steam platform as well.
What can you offer to our server________________________Activity , Helping players in CS 1.6 setting or any question they have (how to buy admin, forum address, where to contact owner, etc.), i can provide as well support for the server if needed (creating custom plugins, resolving plugin runtime errors/warns , everything that has something to do with an CS 1.6 Server) , I know everything (almost) about CS 1.6 Client (Steam/NonSteam/FakeSteam) and Server (Linux/Windows)
Brief story about yourself _____________________________Most of players here already know me, appreciate my skills,movement and my friendly attitude.This game ate almost half of my life, thats all im gonna say about myself lol xD

PS. I know i do not have enough hours to earn admin, i just earned Free V.I.P last week, but the server really need active and friendly admins to show to the players that we are servicing the server and that we are here for them, to help them in solving their eventually problems or questions, thats why you should think twice before rejecting my request because of the hours and give me a chance instead.

Thank you for your wasted time to read this.

RE: Admin Request - rian - 12-26-2019

Thanks for your application.

Since the results will take some time I ask for patience.


Ps: lovely application ;-) but there was 1 ban yet ;-)

RE: Admin Request - fuzy - 12-26-2019

(12-26-2019, 07:43 PM)rian Wrote: Thanks for your application.

Since the results will take some time I ask for patience.


Ps: lovely application ;-) but there was 1 ban yet ;-)
Oh yeah, i forgot about it, i got banned last time and you unbanned me after you watched the demo, sorry, really forgot about that.

RE: Admin Request - rian - 12-28-2019

Decision will be public next week. Sorry for long delay.

RE: Admin Request - rian - 01-11-2020

Approved, you're in.

Thanks and enjoy.

RE: Admin Request - Veicis - 01-12-2020

welcome to the team