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Pasha abuse - ~DeViL~ - 08-19-2019

Name of the Admin: PASHA
Server: dd2 only
Explain the incident: gave me free slabs. and a free perm ban
Proof (screenshots/demos) :

go to the end of the demo.

RE: Pasha abuse - FuNsHoT - 08-19-2019

clear abuse...
slapped without any reason bomb was dropped and he had 1 min still he was going to pick it up so there was no reason to slap him and then u don't have to rude just bcuz u are admin..
thanks for reportingg btw,\...
Best Regards


Admin hasĀ been spoken to / advised & warned.

Happy gaming from Lamda Team & apologize for the caused inconveniences

lol V. Big GrinBig Grin