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Unban request - ~DeViL~ - 08-19-2019

1. Nick that you use in the game: ~DeViL~

2. Evidence - demo file and screenshot:
demo :
screenshots :
3. Information from the Console ban
||| You are banned
||| Nick: ~DeViL~
||| IP:
||| SteamID: STEAM_0:1:126279310
||| By admin: PASHA
||| Reason: Wallhack
||| Ban created: 19.08.2019 - 16:00:58
||| For length: Permanent
||| On: DD2 PuB WaR (de_dust2)
||| Time left: Forever
||| Will expire: Never
Kicked by Console: "You are banned. Check Your console."
Kicked :"You are banned. Check Your console."

4. Describe the situation: i killed him many times and he thought i was using wallhack. he also spectated me for 10 seconds and gave me the ban.
i'm sorry for the long demo file Smile

RE: Unban request - FuNsHoT - 08-19-2019

wait....well its 104 mB only not that big
u are clear xD...
u had a very good luck ...
nvm sorry for inconvenience..

RE: Unban request - ~DeViL~ - 08-19-2019

luck or without luck, if i killed him it doesn't mean im hacking. this admin should be warned

RE: Unban request - FuNsHoT - 08-19-2019

ikr but sometimes these things happen but nvm enjoy gaming.....

RE: Unban request - rian - 08-20-2019

Can't get the files. Zippyshare blocked for some european countries (at least for germany).

RE: Unban request - lazar - 08-20-2019

C'mon Pasha my boy, i mean, he is legit steamCS player and he bans him? Server is protected by VAC right?

Well, no big deal, will be cleared by u boys

Hilarious how much crap i get when i ban someone, and this dude gets away with it

Not a hate speech, just a minor detail Wink

RE: Unban request - ~DeViL~ - 08-20-2019

I wonder how many players this admin gave free bans to them, some players don't know how to post unban reguests so the community lose some good players..

@ryan here is the demo for the first ban :

the second demo for the abuse :

RE: Unban request - rian - 08-20-2019

Will check too to see, but it's cleared already. Thanks.

RE: Unban request - D.K. - 08-20-2019

Yes. True. But questionable fact and not only for Pasha, applied for all others admin too. Friendly slap or slay is forbidden but if any admin ban someone that's mean admin suspected him for cheating. So there is nothing wrong. But yes, all admins have to be careful to take his decision.
I think we need to modify our ban rules.
If you(Admin) suspect someone then spec him and after that if you still think that he is cheating then ban him.
When you spec him, record demo and submit our new 'ban by admin' thread with details where forum team will review the demo and take decision. if admin is right then all ok otherwise result will be unban.
>> Others forum members and ofcourse owners will take the right decision. Big Grin

RE: Unban request - Veicis - 08-20-2019

@lazar any dd2 issues are dealt with off the scene.

all the rest was said in the abuse thread.
Admin has been already warned & spoken to relating the slaps.

as for baning someone - There is noting wrong with doing so. except for the cases where a clear & legit reason isnt provided.

Thread closed.