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Introducing Aim-Maps 24/7 CS 1.6 Server - rian - 04-26-2019

Welcome to our CS 1.6 Aim-Maps 24/7 Server

Here I will give some short introduction to the Aim-Maps 24/7 Server, brought to you by Lamda Pro CS Gaming Community.
As introduced you will find only AIM, AWP and FY (FightYard) maps without bomb defusal or saving hostages - this is GunMetalPower only.

As in any other Server in our Community you can buy VIP and Admin.

You get privileges and advantages as VIP/Admin:
  • HP (healthpower) is 115 at the beginning of each round
  • Armor/helmet is maxed in the beginning of each round
  • HP increase with each kill you do (normal kill= +5HP / Headshot= +10HP)
  • Max HP is 165
  • 1 random grenade each round (if supported by map)
  • Every kill completely fills your clip (bullets)
  • VIPs are semi visible (appearing like ghosts)
  • 15% chance to resurrect with 50 HP
You can buy VIP / Admin here: or directly send a message to me or @Veicis.

EDIT: Until 1st of May there is FREE VIP to anyone! So everybody has VIP status and all benefits from that.
The only difference: Starting HP is 100.

Edit: Free VIP to all ended! Find the link in the end of this Post.

To Do:
  • nothing actually