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Vip application - The Usual Suspect - 04-23-2019

Applying for________________________________________VIP
IGN:______________________________________________The Usual Suspect
NON STEAM / STEAM ID:_____________________________STEAM_0:0:712755453
GameME link:_______________________________________
Ever been banned or warned___________________________YES


RE: Vip application - rian - 04-24-2019

Hello @ The Usual Suspect .

Thank you for applying for free VIP.
Actually there is a MUST-HAVE of 250 hours of gameplay on the Dust2 server to be able to gain free VIP.

You have some hours left. So it there is no other deal you need to continue playing and re-apply Smile
You can see your "connection time" in your gameme link.


RE: Vip application - The Usual Suspect - 04-24-2019

hi rain
i didnt know about that .... thats fine!!!
thaks for the info
actualy can i pay for VIP ?


The Usual Suspect

RE: Vip application - rian - 04-24-2019

Thanks for understanding.

Of course, VIP can be bought at any time.
You can buy here:
or here:
or send a message to @Veicis and he will act.

Enjoy your game Smile