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Super-Admin Application - PurplePheonix - 03-08-2019

2. In-Game NICK (as it is you play with): PurplePheonix

3. Location (country): Germany/Augsburg

4. Active Email-id/Skype/whatsApp: Pheonix

5. Ever been ADMIN on any other server before: No

5. Favorite Server (IP/Name): | Lambdaprocs Knife 35/1hp |

6. If you want to see yourself on "LAMDA FORUM TEAM" as an "Lamda Staff Member" say: Yes of course

RE: Super-Admin Application - LPC | ReDWinG - 03-08-2019

approved .
Welcome PurplePheonix You are a good guy and you are so active .
you have some skills In game O_O .
you know so much stuff about amxmodx and Motd you readed rules and you follow them i accept that
you such good guy .
and we can get you in owr team. best luck from me bratikha

Note : Wait for Owner to chek you out
thanks !

RE: Super-Admin Application - Veicis - 03-08-2019

For as long as i know, there is no such thing as Super Admin application in Knife server, neither any other server.

RE: Super-Admin Application - Swarm Hunter - 03-08-2019

Correct. Knife and Swarm Server dont give anymore free Admins. There is no Application for it.

RE: Super-Admin Application - rian - 03-08-2019

1) wrong forum for any Admin application. This is staff member application forum.
2) there is actually no free super admin around. You can buy it.
3) It's late and this thread can be closed now.