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Dear Gamers,

We are happy to announce , we will start organizing 5v5 RANDOM War Tournaments, with some prizes to be won.

First official match will be held on 1st weekend of August 2019 (furthermore tournaments will be held monthly [if possible]). First match date may vary depending on how fast we get the preparation works finished.

First Tournament will Include 4 teams [20 Players], and if there is seen a good activity, team count will get increased for the following tournaments.

Prize pool will include. [Final Match Only]
  • TOP 1 By kills/deaths, will be given a steam official counter-strike 1.6 steam key,  Counter-strike:CZ! In case a steam player wins, a 10 Eur steam voucher will be given out instead.
  • TOP 2-3 By kills/deaths, will given free Admin for 1 month, in case the player will already have an admin, A complimentary, ''upgrade'' of adminship will be given for 1 month.
  • TOP 4-5 By kills/deaths, will be given Free Vip for 1 month, in case of a player being a Vip already, Admin for 1 month will be added.

We do welcome everyone to sign up for a spot in the war, by leaving Your INGAME-Nickname in a comment below. [Times of matches will be decided when it gets closer to the date.]
In order to be able to comment and participate, you first must register in this forum!


  • 1 - First & foremost You must Register at our forum in order take a spot in the Tournament.
  • 2 - Once You have Taken a spot in the Tourney, we encourage you to attend it on time provided for the match!
  • 2.1 - If you fail attendance your spot will be given to a replacement player & You will be banned on the original server for 1 day as well as you will not be granted to enter at least 1 of following tournaments.
  • 3 - If you are unaware of HOW to take a spot in the tourney send a private msg to or , we will be happy to assist!

Start of the Matches!!
  • 1 - Exact match times will be announced a minimum of 24 - 48 Hours prior the match taking place.
  • 2 - A map vote will be made before match starting (DE_MAPS Only)
  • 3 - 2 Captains will be selected at random.
  • 4 - A knife round of captains will take place, the winning captain will be first to choose the side T/CT & first to choose the team
  • 5 - Captains will choose team players at random.
  • 6 - Once teams will be set, the match will be played till 16 Wins will be made (15 rounds originally will be assigned to play as CT & T) If match ends in a DRAW, Overtime will be played till 4 Wins will be made.(Team switch will take place after 15 played rounds)
  • 7 - If your team wins the match, the 5 of you will qualify for the next stage of the tournament & new match time will be given.
  • 8 - Once there will be only 5 winners remaining Prizes & winners will be announced in the forum, in order to claim your prize you will be required to contact or .

Rules & Obligation of the Matches!!!
  • 1 - Once you have entered the match, you are not allowed to leave the match in the middle of it, it will lead to a ban on main server for 1 day & will not be granted an entry to at least 1 of following tournaments.
  • 2 - We encourage each player to play as a Team player in order to help your team, to achive the Victory!
  • 3 - There are no Hacks / cheats or scripts allowed, if any player found using any, will receive a permanent ban On all servers & Forum. With no right to appeal!
  • 4 - If you get any suspicion towards any player, you have the right to request a demo from him / her and if found any breach of the rules, the player will automatically be disqualified.
  • 5 - No map bugs will be allowed. (Slay will apply, maybe ban)
  • 6 - No Trash talk or hate speeches, no insults or abuse (Kick & Disqualification will apply for long)
  • 7 - No players will be allowed in spec, except for very special supervisory reasons (Admin)

Winners / Prizes & Announcements
  • 1 - Winners will be decided & announced here after the final match has finished.
  • 1a - Winners will be: Winning team = 5 winners. Winners get prizes as kills are counted! Most kills gets 1st prize! 2nd most kills get 2nd prize, and so on. If kills are double placed, death death will be taken off kill (30 kills, 10 deaths = 20 / 30 kills, 16 deaths = 14; 30-10=20 wins!)
  • 2 - The winning 5 players will be assigned a prize based on kills (death).
  • 3 - If you are 1 of the lucky winners contact or in order to claim the prize.
  • 3a - You DO NEED to be a Steam-User to claim your prize! There is NO OTHER solution.
  • 4 - All announcements will be made in forum

Sponsoring / Supporting the Matches

Anyone can sponsor and support our matches by sending money via PayPal. Press the PayPal-Logo and continue there.
All of the sent money will be brought into the matches and/or server.
Thank you.

[Image: M2_Logo_01.jpg]
Actual Tournament competitors as followed by date:
  • MoUraD-2K19(MorO)
  • D.K.
  • beyondurlimitation
  • *[Monk]^
  • iGi~$imPlLe~
  • ThE GhosT
  • King Kong 
  • noob
  • V.Giants|MuTiRiS
  • LgK
  • Kureyy^
  • ThuGLife didn't show up
  • ~Bo0$t3R~
  • NightMaRe
  • The Usual Suspect
  • LIKE Mouhamed
  • Scion
  • hS
  • p1p1


Additional spots if previous named players drop out due to anything.
  • V.
  • rian
  • Silence
RESULTS Match #1
on Friday 5th of July 2019

Team LgK is winning the 1st match.
  • LgK
  • iGi~$imPlLe~
  • Beyondurlimitation
  • D.K.
  • Kureyy^



RESULTS Match #2
on Friday 5th of July 2019

Team hS is winning the 2nd match 16v13
  • hS
  • Mourad - 2k19
  • S i l e n c e
  • The Ghost
  •  ------------Runner up Booster

Players Match #1 and Players Match #2
(as some Players from prev. matches didn't show up):

  • King Kong   37
  • LgK   23
  • iGi~$imPILe~   17
  • D.K.   10
  • LIKEMOuHamaD Smile   9


  • Beyondurlimitation   34    1st prize!
  • MoUraD-2K19(MorO)   2    2nd prize!
  • Kureyy^   2    3rd prize!
  • ThE GhosT   17    4th prize!
  • s i l e n c e   5    5th prize

pls contact on steam for getting 10 Euro voucher!
^ pls send a desired password to or to add your Admin access
@s i l e n c e pls send a desired password to or to add your VIP access
, Gost, your access will be upgraded soon for 30 days.

[Image: de_dust20132.jpg]

[Image: de_dust20139.jpg]
best server ever
(06-24-2019, 06:54 PM)ThE GhosT Wrote: [ -> ]best server ever

will u be IN for the war!?!?
Only 20 players.... Sad
Then 0% chances for average/noob players like me. Big Grin
Still I apply for this tournament. Rest... LUCK Big Grin
Yo! Big Grin
Cool Thats great bro
Have luck everyone)))
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