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LPC - Forum Guide (2019)

Hello all (new) members of

We are very pleased to see newer members joining our community and our servers daily and bringing about a glorious future to our forums as well as our servers.

Many new members are often confused on how our forum operates or how to find specific sections in forums.

We have compiled most of our forum into a simple [Guide] that will make it easier for you to understand us. Hope you can have an enjoyable stay with us at

So shall we have a little summary explaining how work.

Our forums were made in the year 2015. With the combined effort of phantom, ary, joint, zana and more working hard during the start of the forums recruiting new members as well as getting publicity to our forums and servers.

It has been around 4 years from start of 2015 till our current date 2018 (2019) and will continue in the near future. - This is only possible with YOU!

Counter Strike 1.6 Community Servers

This 1st forum is a summary of our Counter Strike Servers with subforums for each server with specified rules, announcements, etc.
     The Server listing is found in the bottom of this thread! Scroll down or click here: Link :-)

Our LamdaProCs Group On Steam/Discord/Ts3/Facebook

In this category you see our Teamspeak server TS3.
Further we have more ways of communication, which you can find here:


This is the most important category you find in our forum.

1) First Section of lamdaprocs community is to introduce yourself to the community. The detailed format is in the link below - it shouldn't be that hard to understand: Link
2) Second Section is about any rules for LPC members, Server rules and more rules. This is quite important to give an overview about how to act and interact.
3) This third Section is where you are right now. Any announcements are done here. The most important is this thread. So please take your time reading this.

4) Fourth Section is for players who want to apply as a member of lamdaprocs in out forum. They need to be approved by our the lamda team. Becoming member of LPC does not guarantee any privileges on any server. You have to follow the 2 links below:
  a) Member rules for lamdaprocs: Link
  b) Format for membership: Link

5) Fifth Section is to apply for any Server-Support. This is server related only. More information given in the Section itself.
6) Sixth Section is for server manager applications. If you feel that you are confident enough to become a server manager feel free to fill out the forms by following the steps given there. It can be accepted or rejected depending on how long you have played in the servers and how active you are in this forum. Check this link: Link

7) Now in the seventh Section you can apply for Lamda Staff membership. You need some requirements, so read through it: Link

8) You want to change your nick in any server or in this forum? Read and write in this eighth Section to force a name change: Link

9) Ninth Section is for clan matches. Anyone doesn't know what this is? No problem. Google it Wink Or follow this link: Link

10) Tenth Section is for Tournament and Competitions that happen every now and then Smile follow link below to see if any new competitions start: Link
11) Eleventh Section is relatively simple where you can submit your form with all your clan members with names: Link


1) First Section Demo/Photo where you provide your demo to forum staff members following the format give there. The admin team will check if you have been unjustly banned or not. If your demo is clean they will unban you. If you are apporved for cheating - well, your problem. Or you can buy 1 card to unban. See our shop then.
Link For Unban
Link To Upload Demo

2) Second Section is for reporting any ingame hackers or cheaters you find. Make sure to follow the format and have evidence before reporting. Best way to report a hacker is to upload a demo to prove.
Link how to record and upload Demo
Link to the format on reporting hackers

3) Third Section is for reporting any admin misbehavior or admin abusing authority.
Link to format for reporting admins

4) Fourth Section is for high ranking admins only to show if some VIP lost VIPship due to misbehavior.

5) Fifth Section is for high ranking admins only too to show if some admin lost any privileges and user flags due to misbehavior:


You want to boost our server to gain more players? See these Sections to get information about how to boost and which server is boosted actually.

1) First Section explains the rules for boosting. Follow the link below for a better understanding: Link
2) Second Section shows tutorials on how to boost our LPC Servers: Link
3) Third Section shows servers that are currently boosted. For more info see link below: Link
4) Fourth Section Deals with boost related queries if you boosted: Link


Here you find any information on how to boost via SMS.

1) First Section shows payment link and related info: Link
2) Second Section shows sms payment related queries: Link

Remaining is mostly GENERAL DISCUSSION.

The GENERAL DISCUSSION is for fun stuff, Server related files and updates, general suggestions, competitions and for trash talk (no insulting trash talk). Link

Now that you know how to find your information and how this forum and our community works we hope you will stay and enjoy your time with us in here and on any server.

For those who wish to purchase Super admin/admin/vip through paypal or sms please refer to this link: SHOP FOR VIP/ADMIN

For those who would like to boost servers and gain free vip or admin you can scroll above and see boosting rules.

As for players that want to register (protect) their name as LPC users in game so no one can steal this nick can either private message to me. What you need to send is your nick and your desired password or send it to some other lamda team member. They will do their best to get your nick protected as quickly as possible. See Lamda Team here:


(Servers list)

**Updated on 08.03.19** | 35+1hp Knife Only Hats+Remusic+SteamVIP | | DD2 only [EU] 24/7 | CSDM+GunXP+RuneMod | | Aim-Maps [EU] 24/7 | | Avenger+Swarm+Gunxp+Powers | | INDIAN [P]UB-[W]AR #1 Awp-[ON] | | [EU] D2/Inferno Only |

(Hope this guide on our forums manages to make people understand our forums even a little better)

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Updated and upgraded.

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